Labcal Instruments

Instruments Calibration, Sales, Servicing, Installation & Repair

Labcal provides a wide range of services. Our line of business includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Calibration, Installation, commissioning and repair of instruments 
  • Sales and servicing of industrial, laboratory, medical, mining and analytical instruments 
  • GSM commander installation for access control, remote temperature monitoring, fuel management system and cable theft prevention Distribution of industrial chemicals 
  • Free estimates on repair jobs 
  • Supply and Installation of solar systems 


We are a team of professionals experienced in a wide range of fields. Our skilled technicians are always available for backup/after service whenever needed. Fields of specialization are classified as follows:


We are authorized distributors of MRC, the biggest medical equipment supplier in Israel. After supply, we are available to give backup service to our customers. Some of the instruments we specialize in are listed below.

  • X-ray, x-ray film processor, ultrasound scan machine, dental chair and x-ray 
  • ECG monitor, vital signs monitor, fetal heart detector, pulse oximeter 
  • Defribulator, theatre table, autoclaves and sterilizers 
  • Sphygmomanometers, laryngoscope 
  • Centrifuges, Incubators, Microscopes 
  • Temperature monitors, Thermometers 
  • Hospital Consumables  

On top of supply, we also service and repair all medical instruments.  


We provide complete solutions including supply and installation of specialized analysers, gas detectors and instrumentation products based on specific customer requirements which other instrument vendors normally refuse to tread on. Our networked solutions leverage the capabilities of automated data collection and data acquisition products to offer rapid and sustainable improvements with measurable results. We provide the most extensive and widely used set of data collection and data acquisition products.

Labcal Instruments (Pvt) Ltd has a wide range of high-tech Data Acquisition Cards to meet the various needs of industrial application and new automation projects with extensive knowledge and the latest technology Our Modules range from Temperature, Level, Digital output and many other processes monitoring. Listed below are the products we specialize in.

  • I/O modules 
  • Paperless Recorders & Loggers 
  • Data Acquisition Modules 
  • Human Machine Interfaces 
  • Industrial Ethernet 
  • I/O Program development 
  • PLC wiring 
  • Temperature controllers 

  • Identification tags &creation of databases 
  • Availing of mimic samples & creation of active graphic screens
  • Display, logging and alarming of critical and non-critical process parameters 


Labcal Instruments (Pvt) Ltd. is a reputed supplier of Laboratory and industrial instruments for a wide range of sectors of industry. We can identify, select recommend and/or supply the most suitable field instrument and control systems based on application, project objectives and budget.

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